fresh back to houston from obscene extreme, there are a couple hundred of the insect warfare picture discs left for mailorder in the webstore. it contains 2006's "endless execution thru violent restitution" on side a and 2005's "at war with grindcore" on side b. there are also official insect warfare shirts with a design made for thie 2006 us tour available as well.

on the topic of houston grind- there are about 4 copies left of the cryptic void 5" lathe that was limited to 100 copies for their tour last year with lycanthrophy. once those are gone, they're gone for good. look out for a full length on rsr soon from those guys as they are in the studio now blasting it out.

war master just returned from their european campaign.  check out the store for re-presses of their "pyramid of the necropolis" full length on color vinyl and copies of their blood dawn 12'ep. they're finishing up the new full length to be released on a yet undisclosed label.

did you catch colombia's chulo during their first shows ever in california at one fest last weekend?  well, even if you didn't- check out their full length in the webstore now.

THE SECRET PROSTITUTES will be playing a posthumous show at varning fest in canada in the coming months. there are copies of their last LP "tiger express" and represses of the "welcome to punk..." LP as well as the "punks is disco" ep left in the webstore.

peasant is out on their first us tour- did you check them out? grab one of their debut 7"s in the webstore!

down to the last few copies of the SACCAGE LP- so hurry up before their gone and pick up their newest EP while you're at it!