Safely returning from a small excursion in the Czech Republic that climaxed in a world conquering performance at the Obscene Extreme Festival and in time to celebrate the late/great Uncle Tommy's birth:

----TURBOKRIEG Nasa Approved Ultracore 12"
Houston's mega-speed meta-blasters (assisted by NASA research scientists) constructed a 12" mixtape out of obsolete technology, unproven warp solo theory, oil, the ancient texts of the Speed Khan and re-constructed thrash metal transmissions captured from the next millennium then faxed across time to a cell phone that doesn't receive text messages.

15 songs in 27 minutes limited to 500 copies on Frank Gold colored vinyl available here.
Need more from TURBOKRIEG? Get their split flexi with THE SECRET PROSTITUTES here, their split 6" with GRIDE here, the last few of their 7" here, and their shirts here & here.

Also newish: 
----H.R.A. Good For Nothing 12"
Over a year in the making: The second full length for these hateful Houston hardcore

assholes. 16 tracks of pre-crossover dirty raw septic rotten power rippers from

members of VERBAL ABUSE and MORBOSIDAD who try their hardest to stay within

Texas state lines as not to let knowledge of their own badass-ness get out into the

public.Only 300 of these insults to music pressed!

The third full ep from the masters of kroger brand notebook paper different punk. Six tracks of indo-tejano retardo-mutanto mongo-pogo proving once and for all that no matter what that know-it-all on that message board said: Punks Is Disco! White wax crammed into individually hand drawn/collaged glued pocket covers. Collect all 500!

The last 10 pro-printed split cassettes limited to 100 copies are available here. After that is gone there will be 250 flexi 7" versions released by Terremoto Discos in a month or so. The last few tour shirts are here and a couple leftover SECRET PROSTITUTES patches are here. Test presses have been approved for both THE SECRET PROSTITUTES Punks Is Disco 7" and the HRA Good For Nothing 12". 

This week 3 releases got sent off to the plant as well:
1- The CRIME WAVE discography CD collection compiling about 80 minutes of music                                                                   from three 12"s, two 7"s, a compilation cut and an unreleased split 7"

2-The TURBOKRIEG Nasa Approved Ultracore 12" hopefully out by their European tour                                                                                in July and appearance at Obscene Extreme Festival.

3- The SACCAGE Vorace 7" continuing the dope fuled metal punked madness perpetrated by the full length 12" Death Crust Satanique... Hopefully out soon, here's a track from it to hold you over:

Out 11/21/2013: THE SECRET PROSTITUTES Welcome To Punk, Viva La Evolución, We Can Do Whatever We Want 12"  can be ordered here. Their sophmore full length after the Never Mind The KDB This Is A.D.D. in 2010, 25 new songs including a CCCP cover. There were 25 test presses made with limited 2-color hand screened covers, for those that weren't lucky enough to score one there is a diehard version of the LP that comes with a test press cover in addition to the regular cover. There's only 50 of those- so hop on it or shut up. Some other related things in the store:

FUGITIVE FAMILY Saddest Story Ever Told 7"
CRIME WAVE Double Feature Special 12"
CRIME WAVE Modern Lobotomies 7"
CRIME WAVE Savage Reaction 12"

The vinyl version of the WAR MASTER Blood Dawn 12" is finally out and shipping! After a small set back with the artwork, it is available here. For anyone that missed out on the test press tour copies with the alternate 2-color hand screened cover- there is a die hard edition that includes that cover in addition to the full color regular jacket along with a CD copy, full color sticker, and a patch- while they last of course.

Both the Thrones Of Tyranny 7" single and the Pyramid Of The Necropolis 12" are sold out. The next year may see a re-press of the LP, but there are CD version is available here for now

Fresh out of the van from Dead Fest, 2 new releases available now:

-----GRIDE//TURBOKRIEG split 6"ep