----TURBOKRIEG Nasa Approved Ultracore 12"
Houston's mega-speed meta-blasters (assisted by NASA research scientists) constructed a 12" mixtape out of obsolete technology, unproven warp solo theory, oil, the ancient texts of the Speed Khan and re-constructed thrash metal transmissions captured from the next millennium then faxed across time to a cell phone that doesn't receive text messages.
15 songs in 27 minutes limited to 500 copies on Frank Gold colored vinyl available here.
Need more from TURBOKRIEG? Get their split flexi with THE SECRET PROSTITUTES here, their split 6" with GRIDE here, the last few of their 7" here, and their shirts here & here.

----H.R.A. Good For Nothing 12"
Over a year in the making: The second full length for these hateful Houston hardcore assholes. 16 tracks of pre-crossover dirty raw septic rotten power rippers from members of VERBAL ABUSE and MORBOSIDAD who try their hardest to stay within Texas state lines as not to let knowledge of their own badass-ness get out into the public.Only 300 of these insults to music pressed!

The third full ep from the masters of kroger brand notebook paper different punk. Six tracks of indo-tejano retardo-mutanto mongo-pogo proving once and for all that no matter what that know-it-all on that message board said: Punks Is Disco! White wax crammed into individually hand drawn/collaged glued pocket covers.
​Collect all 500!

1/23/15: Two new release out today: SACCAGE Vorace 7" and PEASANT Imprisoned At Birth 7"- both are up for sale in the webstore and shipping now. Check out a track from teh SACCAGE 7" here:

----SACCAGE Vorace 7"
Four new tracks blast chilled in the blackest northern wind ripping through Quebec’s metal underground. Voracious motorcharged perversity dipped in black liquor and set aflame to warm the most death thrash/speedpunk obsessed heart. Only 500 pressed. 
​Last copies of their LP available here.

----PEASANT Imprisoned At Birth 7"
​Introducing the New Wave Of Houston Heavy Metal: PEASANT! Torturous leather clad metal blackness imprisoned within three evil tracks of their debut 7”.  Members of WAR MASTER. Only 500 pressed. Only black is real!